The boy makes 1400 catties of bath balls

​Numerous friends really like to take a bath, especially in the bath when adding a lot of bath balls or bath salts. It is a great enjoyment of life.

Bath has numerous benefits, can dredge meridians, clear blood detoxification, especially to eliminate fatigue.

There was a foreign boy who liked to take a bath and add a lot of bath balls to it, so he set his sights on his swimming pool!

But if you want to add bath balls to the pool, according to the size of bath balls produced by the bath bomb factory on the market, how numerous would you have to put?

​Thus the young man gathered a lot of friends and decided to make one together. So they bought plenty of cornstarch, but they weren't cooking!

You know, their goal is to build a 1,400-pound giant bath ball. 31 bags of cornstarch, each weighing 50 pounds,

In addition, there are numerous ingredients, such as citric acid, baking soda and so on. The process is not complicated, simply mix the ingredients with a certain amount of water and stir nicely,

0b086ed44c06e349563c83c7aa1f926aIn order to improve the appearance level of this bath ball, the boys and friends also added a lot of lovely paint inside.

Because the bath ball was overly large, they cleverly made an oversized mold, which was made of epoxy resin.

There was so much material that they had to ferrycart it every time into the mold, and after each trip, to fix the shape,

It's compacted a tiny bit with a large stake, and it's dried in the sun before it's pressed again.

It took him and his friends seven or eight times to fill up the mold.

After the shape is ready, the mold will be opened, the eye is a large bath ball, blue appearance is a very dreamy feeling.

They get it to the edge of the pool, push it into the pool, make a huge splash, and then the giant bath ball melts quickly,

The water also changed from colorless to a grayish-blue color, as if it were contaminated. But the boys and their friends were having a great time. Did you find this fascinating?

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