Advantages of hydraulic lift over traditional freight elevator

​Hydraulic cargo lift elevator is a kind of non-shear hydraulic cargo lift elevator, which is suitable for goods transfer between floors of multi-storey industrial plants, restaurants, restaurants, etc. Its own structural characteristics determine that this kind of equipment has numerous advantages that other elevators don't have, the following are more obvious:

1, the minimum height of the platform can be controlled in 150-300mm, especially suitable for the workplace can not dig pit, and do not need to hang point, the height of the top floor is not limited.

2, equipment for hydraulic power, the maximum bearing 30 tons, the biggest hoisting height of 20 meters, with high-pressure hose connection between pumping stations and oil cylinder tubing bending, twisting, through walls, pump station can be placed in the right position, guide various form (single column and double column, column 4), use oil cylinder or dual measuring cylinder, side without the counterweight, considerably improve the efficiency of the elevator shaft.

d49a8b53dc226a33cdf3391afdbeeb633, the equipment operation is stable, no noise, easy maintenance, long service life, simple and reliable operation, hydraulic system comes up and down for valve, emergency descent valve, interactive interlocking door, can be set up on the floors and lifting platform action buttons, implement multipoint control, transport of goods than the similar traditional freight elevator more cost effective.

4, the equipment is non-standard products, can be customized according to the current use environment for customers' efficient delivery platform.

5, hydraulic oil has flame retardant and non-explosive, and is used fewer electrical components, highly suitable for chemical, high temperature, elevated pressure, power plants, nuclear industry base, explosives and other explosion-proof enterprises, when it is used with explosion-proof electrical control box explosion-proof threaded pipe.

Hydraulic elevators are equipped with the safety features of conventional traction elevators and are also equipped with:

​The relief valve prevents the system pressure from being too steep during the ascending process,

Emergency manual valve: In case of power failure, the platform can be lowered to the nearest floor to open the door.

Manual valve: In case of system failure, the manual pump can be operated to pump out elevated pressure oil and raise the platform to the nearest floor,

Pipeline rupture valve: when the hydraulic system pipeline rupture platform stalls down, it can automatically cut off the oil circuit and stop falling.

Oil TEMPERATURE PROTECTION: WHEN the oil temperature in the oil tank exceeds the standard set value, the oil temperature protection device will generate a signal to suspend the use of the hydraulic lift, and only when the oil temperature falls to the set temperature range can it be started.

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