What are the channels for 2018paypal withdrawal? I heard that it is also possible to register for Youtu individual households. Is it safe? What are the restrictions?

PayPal and Lianlian suspend cooperation, how did foreign trade merchants and SOHO's money be withdrawn?

5 thoughts on “What are the channels for 2018paypal withdrawal? I heard that it is also possible to register for Youtu individual households. Is it safe? What are the restrictions?”

  1. Or how much is your withdrawal amount? If below 50,000, bind a bank card. If you have more than $ 50,000, you can apply for a license to the individual industrial and commercial households of Yiwu to open an account.
    It the difference between PayPal merchant users and individual users. If you are a personal user, you can indeed register a Y -wu individual household, bind your own PayPal withdrawal, and then you can settle in the RMB to your own bank card. Customers can also register, and the need for industrial and commercial registration is the information that is the ID card, which is the same as ordinary companies. But one of the benefits of individual households in Yiwu is that there is no need to pay taxes on accounting ~

  2. You can register for individual households in Yiyu, and then bind the withdrawal with the bank account issued by the individual households of Yitu.
    The account can be withdrawn a large amount because there is no limit limit, and no taxes are required.
    As long as you provide your ID card, Pan Pan will help you submit the information as long as you provide your ID card. 3 to 5 working days are coming down!

  3. PayPal Binding the ECO's foreign exchange settlement process

    paypal is an online payment service provider headquartered in San Holy, California, USA. PayPal also cooperates with some e -commerce websites to become one of their payment methods. Many friends who do cross -border e -commerce use the PayPal platform to tell you a good way to withdraw foreign exchange.

    The recently many businesses or individuals using PayPal have experienced withdrawal of foreign exchange settlements. Under the interface, the account cannot be bound at all. Then let's talk about how to solve these problems

    When your PayPal withdrawal encounters the issue of withdrawal, it is recommended that you register the Yuxu individual household US dollar account. Cross -border e -commerce and foreign trade requires friends who need large amount of foreign exchange settlement. The purpose of this account is to collect foreign exchange and settlement of foreign exchange, without limit limit. You can directly bind directly with PayPal merchants and individuals to withdraw foreign exchange.

    In registering Yitu individual household you only need to prepare the following information:
    1: The front and back of the ID card
    2: Registration time 3-5 working days
    register a license to register a license. Book the bank account
    paypal to bind the settlement process of individual households in Ukraine, bank managers will teach

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