Next generation Loongson CPU performance exceeds AMD Zen 3?

In the past June, Loongson, one of the leading cpus in China, released several new products, among which the performance of the 16-core server processor Loongson 3C5000 not only attracted the attention of domestic users, but also caused extensive attention from foreign media. The reason is not the performance of 3C5000, but the simulation test results of the next generation successor of 3C5000 are better than expected.

After the release of 3C5000, Loongson gave the simulation test results of the next generation 3A6000 processor, SPECCPU 2006 fixed point/floating point base score (GCC) increased from 26/28 points to 35/45 points, increasing by 37% and 68% respectively. So what do these simulation results mean?

To put it simply, if the next generation product can meet the simulation test results, then the IPC performance of Loongson CPU will reach the level of AMD Zen 3 processor, which is undoubtedly a great improvement for domestic CPU.

Next generation Loongson CPU performance exceeds AMD Zen 3?Dragon Ride 3A6000, 3C6000 series will be released in 2023 in accordance with the roadmap, using the process architecture of 12nm, although not as good as AMD Sharp dragon 7nm, but 12nm is not completely impossible to play. After all, the 10nm Intel Core 12 generation has beaten the 6nm Ryzen 6000 in terms of performance, so manufacturing process is not the only criterion for judging performance.

According to the simulation test results, the loongson 3A6000 single-core fixed-point Base score is greater than 13/G, and the floating point Base score is greater than 16/G, which means that its IPC performance has caught up with Zen 3 Ryzen and 11-generation Core. The core 11 IPC is about point 13+/G, the Core 12 IPC is about point 15+/G, and the Zen3 IPC is about point 13/G.

However, the biggest problem of Loongson processor is not the number of core, process and other aspects, but the frequency has been unable to improve, there is a very obvious gap with the world advanced level. Longson 3A at present main frequency 2.5ghz or so, the next generation of new products to promote the extent is also very limited, and AMD and Intel processor core frequency has exceeded 5GHz, conventional also has more than 3GHz. Therefore, in addition to the manufacturing process, the main frequency gap is the big problem facing domestic CPU.

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