What is the difference between a CPU and multiple cpus?

Multi – core CPU and multiple CPU, many installed small white all don’t understand.

I think in simple terms, can be anthropomorphized: polynucleus is equivalent to a person with multiple hands; Multiple cpus, the equivalent of someone else’s hands.

Multi-core CPU is the number of core, more than one CPU is a motherboard can put two to four CPUS at the same time, dozen such as your motherboard can only use a CPU, the number of core is ten core twenty threads, and another motherboard support two CPUS at the same time, each CPU is ten core twenty threads, two is twenty core forty threads.

If it is a relatively mechanized work that requires little communication between different processes, such as pasting 1000 posters on the wall, the efficiency can obviously be improved by 3 people, 2 holding the poster and 1 pasting the poster.

What is the difference between a CPU and multiple cpus?Switch to


In other words, tasks that require immediate response, such as games, multi-core


Better performance, for mechanical tasks like decompression, multiple


The total number of cores is more than single multiple cores


Perform better.

Of course, a single multicore CPU is a good way to circumvent all of the disadvantages mentioned by basically multiple single-core cpus. It does not need to consider the cost of hardware and complexity problems, but also can be a good solution to the problem of multi-threading cooperation, reduce the cost of memory.

Because multithreaded programs running on a multi-core CPU share the same memory area, data transfer is faster than the bus and there is no redundant data generated.

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