A CPU that makes gamers boil

With the introduction of AMD's Ryzen series into the Zen2 architecture, game performance is getting stronger and stronger. And the use of more advanced Zen architecture AMD Rayon 5000 series, is to achieve the overall performance of the game, until the release of AMD Rayon 7 5800X3D this new processor, announced to reach a new peak of desktop level processor performance.

Unlike other Ryzen 5000 series processors, this AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor introduces the new AMD 3D V-Cache technology for the first time. The purpose of this technique is to significantly increase the L3 cache capacity of the processor. It is well known that the cache size of the processor can have a huge impact on the game experience.

With THE AMD 3D V-cache technology, the L2 Cache of the AMD Ryon 7 5800X3D achieves a whopping 96MB, including L1 and L2 Cache capacity, a total of 100MB. Compared with the previous AMD Rayon 7 5800X processor with the same specifications, the capacity is nearly three times. This advantage is particularly obvious in the game. Generally speaking, the computer needs a lot of real-time operation when running the game. At this time, the cache space of the processor is equivalent to the sorting warehouse, and the larger the warehouse, the higher the natural efficiency. According to official data, the AMD Rayon 7 5800X3D can achieve an average of around 15% game acceleration at 1080P high-definition Settings. For gamers, this is very attractive.

A CPU that makes gamers boilIn terms of processor specifications, AMD Rayon 7 5800X3D is equipped with 8-core 16-thread configuration, 3.4ghz base frequency and 4.5ghz acceleration frequency, which is slightly weaker than the AMD Rayon 7 5800X. However, for the vast majority of non-professional or quasi-professional user groups, AMD Rayon 7 5800X3D can meet their performance requirements.

As for the choice of radiator, due to AMD Rayon 7 5800X3D TDP power consumption value of 105W. Therefore, it is recommended to match a good performance of the tower radiator, which helps to ensure that the performance of the processor can be sustained.

Motherboard collocation, in addition to the high-end X470 / X570 series motherboard, pile material is also very solid and more affordable B450 / B550 series motherboard is also very recommended, and can also BIOS menu to achieve the overfrequency operation of the processor. If you are not familiar with overclocking, it is recommended to turn on the PBO function.

Without delay, quickly change this AMD Rayon 7 5800X3D processor designed for players, enjoy the game to bring happiness!

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