CPU annual horizontal review: the pursuit of performance choose AMD, cost-effective choose Intel

The CPU market is changing rapidly. In 2020, Both Intel and AMD will launch new blockbuster products. At the beginning of the year, AMD took the lead in bringing the flagship model 3990WX, the third-generation thread ripper with 64 cores and 128 threads, which shocked the whole market. In May, Intel launched the first generation product of the 2020 LGA 1200 slot, the tenth generation Core, which is supported by the whole system of hyper-threading technology, and has basically replaced the position of the ninth generation Core at present. AMD launched two new third-generation Ryolong 3 products in the same period to maintain the popularity until the official launch of 3000XT processor in July, but because of the low cost performance, It didn't make any waves. In August, Intel launched the 10th generation of Core I9 core I9-10850K, a cost-effective model, while AMD released the killer card for 2020 in November, ryzen 5000 series processors. Under the optimization of ZEN3 architecture, both single-core and multi-core processors are available. Currently, high-end Ryzen 9 is in short supply.

This time, we have found 10 hot CPU products released in 2020, including 5 new Intel Core 9 generation and 5 new Intel Dragon 3 generation. We will use the form of data to make a horizontal comparison of the 10 hot new CPU products released in 2020. First, let's look at the models evaluated.

Cross a review of the product

This test includes CPU single thread, multithreading, decompression ability and productivity and graphics ability to test, and finally gives the purchase advice of each processor, we can refer to.

■ Single-thread test

We first conducted single-thread test of the processor, including Super PI and Cinebench single-thread test. Single-thread test reflects the single-core capability of the processor, which has a great impact on the game. Users who care about the game should first consider the single-core performance of the processor.

Super PI

Super PI is a software that calculates PI, which can clearly show the processor's single-core capability. Different from other tests, the smaller the test value is, the stronger the single-core capability is. There is a certain difference in each second.

CINEBENCH is an industry-recognized benchmarking software that can be seen in most system performance tests by mainstream media both at home and abroad. This time we will use R15 and R20 versions to test the performance of these processors, the larger the better.

Single thread test summary

The Super PI evaluation is somewhat unexpected. The processor with the best performance is Ryzen 9 5950X. The remaining three and three Ryzen 5000 series processors have all come within 8S, which is a huge progress for the previous generations of Ryzen that struggled around 9s before. CINEBENCH's test performance trend is similar to that of Super PI. Now, Ryzen 5000 series processor has the overall lead in single-core performance, which is more powerful than the tenth generation Core. This is not good news for Intel, which has been promoting single-core performance for the past two years.

■ Multithreading test

Test the single thread, below our ability to test the multithreaded, multithreaded processor power and single thread, also is one of the important indicators, CPU multi-thread ability stronger, the processor can at the same time, the task of the processor, multithreading is particularly important in the field of content creation, video clips and render all one's deceased father grind multithreaded processor power.

Fritz Chess Benchmark is a classic software for testing CPU multi-core performance, and the larger the better. Unfortunately, the software supports up to 16 threads at a time,

CINEBENCH also supports multi-threaded testing, and we used the R15 and R20 versions to test the performance of these processors. The higher the number, the better.

Summary of multithreading achievements

In multithreading tests, Ryzen 5000 series processors are still strong. Currently, among flagship processors, Ryzen 5000 series processors occupy the advantage in the number of core threads, with up to 16 cores and 32 threads. After the ZEN3 optimization, the multi-core capability is increasingly terrifying. Ten generations of Core multithreading for 3000XT processor can also have back and forth, but compared with rayon 5000 series processor is not dominant, the core thread number gap is very large. At present, the mainstream Core i5 and Ryelong 5 both start with 6 cores and 12 threads, which can meet the needs of most consumers. The higher 8 cores and 16 threads are for some users who pursue extreme performance and content creation

■ File compression ability test

File compression ability is also an application of multi-threading CPU, usually compression and decompression operations are all CPU thread can be called up, can response the processor's overall performance, also can be as much a kind of core tests, this time we will use two mainstream 7 - Zip and WinRAR compression software testing, the larger the value, the better.


Summary of file compression capability: File compression multithreaded processor power will be tested on one hand, on the other hand also can test the processor compatibility, general core in the test of too much difficult to call up all the core processor, the score is very unstable, but sharp dragon series 5000 processor in file compression tests or relying on the powerful core performance more wins, These days ryzen processors are also becoming more compatible, with fewer problems. As for the ten generation core is more not to worry about compatibility problems, Intel's huge ecosystem, ten generation Core without targeted optimization can also get very good performance, in compatibility is not a problem.

■ Productivity testing

We've been testing for productivity applications like video clips, including X264 and X265 for video decoding, pov-Ray and Blender for rendering.


X264 video coding standard, is the use of CPU soft decoding of a video format, very test CPU processing capacity, X264 encoding of the video will usually be clearer.

X265 is also one of the video coding standards, which is smaller and clearer than X264, but the problem is that compatibility is still to be improved, and some devices do not support it.


Pov-ray is a geometry and graphics algorithm software, using Ray tracing to draw three-dimensional images, is an open source free software, internal contains CPU performance tests, and divided into multi-threaded and single-threaded two kinds.


Blender is a 3D animation software. In this test, we used a default image template to render the image. The score is the time to render, and the shorter the time, the more efficient it is

Summary of Productivity Testing

Productivity test series 5000 processor still sharp dragon, so the core number is can do whatever you want, but Intel users also need not sad, because we mentioned the compatibility, it is very important in content creation software, most designers still prefer Intel compatibility, not prone to error, This is something AMD needs to work on.

S 3 d MARK test

Physical performance is an important performance indicator of the CPU and affects the graphics capability of the CPU. The physical performance depends on the core architecture, number of cores, and frequency of the CPU. Finally, we tested the physical performance of these processors using Fire Strike and Time Spy from 3D MARK.

CPU annual horizontal review: the pursuit of performance choose AMD, cost-effective choose Intel

3D MARK test summary

In the 3D MARK test, the tenth generation of Core ushered in a counterattack. In the Time Spy for DX12 environment, Core I9 10850K took the first place, and DX12 environment is also the advantage of NV RTX graphics card project, which seems to imply that iU+NK can still be the mainstream. The Fire Strike is still superior to the Ryzen 5000 series.

AMD does not speak wude Intel began to go cost-effective

In terms of performance, we can see that the ryolong 5000 series processor in 2020 has exceeded the tenth generation of Core through horizontal evaluation. Single-core performance and multi-core performance make the tenth generation of Core very uncomfortable, so we can see a very magical thing. Now the Ryolong 5000 series processor has become a synonym for the pursuit of performance, which is really not about military virtue. And ten generation core began to take a cost-effective route, feng Shui turns.

However, Intel still has more market share, and the failure of cutting-edge products does not seem to be a particularly bad thing. On the one hand, it can remind Intel to devote itself to research and development, and get rid of 14nm as soon as possible. On the other hand, for consumers, core i5, core I3 and even high-end core I7 core I9 are getting cheaper and cheaper, which can let Intel continue to ensure a large number of shipments, I heard that Intel recently 400 series chipset capacity began to be tight, indicating that ten generations of core is still very popular. But at present Intel scenery is still because of sharp dragon 5000 series really go large goods did not appear on the market, that is, those who enter the sharp dragon 3 and sharp dragon 5, if you can guarantee the same performance with the present sharp dragon 5000, then the Core is not good, or need to have products as a support.

In general, the current competition between AMD and Intel makes processors cheaper and cheaper, which is naturally what consumers are happy to see. However, if it is not for some professional users, most users only need to buy processors according to the budget. Buying on demand is the most responsible and cost-effective way for themselves. At present, even the Core i3 and Ryzen 3 have a strong fighting power, there is no need to follow the trend and impulse spending.


■ Purchase advice

Finally we give the review of these 10 processors to buy advice, interested users can refer to.

Intel Core I9-10900K: As the flagship model of Intel 10 Generation Core in 2020, this processor is still very powerful, and can create a top game platform with high-end Z490 motherboard, 10 core 20 threads can meet the needs of most content creators, 5.3 maximum core frequency can also let game players have a very good experience, However, if you want to point to the cost performance, it is recommended to buy its brother Core I9-10900KF, the gap between the two is only non-core display, the price is hundreds of yuan cheaper daily.

Intel Core I9 10850K: 10850K is the cost-effective I9 model launched by Intel in August, which has a lower frequency. In the test, we can also see that the gap between this processor and Core I9 10900K is not big. In terms of price, this processor is 1000 yuan cheaper than I9 10900K. Suggested to consider the Core I9 10850K, but this processor overfrequency performance is general, take a fancy to overfrequency players carefully consider.

Intel Core I7 10700K: 10700K is undoubtedly a high-end processor, with 8 cores, 16 threads and 5.1GHz frequency surpassing the previous generation of 9900K. However, the author prefers his brother I7 10700KF, because the box price of 10700KF once reached 2299 yuan, which is cheaper than 3700X and cost-effective than AMD. Equivalent to 2000 yuan of 9 generation Core i9 or quite fragrant.

i7 10700KF

Intel Core I5 10600K: I5 10600K is the strongest core I5 processor at present. This motherboard is very common on the mid-end platform, and it has strong overcking potential. Many users like to use this user's Z490 motherboard to achieve the performance of Core I7 or even Core I9. That is equivalent to 1699 yuan to buy a core 6 core 12 thread Core I7 or even core I9, so if you are interested in overclocking, want to wool users can consider this product, and this product also has no core display "KF" model.

Intel Core I5 10400F: At present, the new favorite of the entry machine is Intel Core I5 10400F, the performance is the last in this review, but the cost performance is the highest, this processor box sells for thousands of dollars, scattered pieces are cheaper, has replaced the status of 9400F, with B460 and a little stronger H410 can be, If your goal is just enough, then this processor is perfect for your everyday gaming office needs.

AMD rayon 9 5950X: AMD Rayon 9 5950X is currently unmatched processor, single core performance under the ZEN3 architecture optimization is also very fierce, suitable for those chasing the limit of new power users, 16 core 32 threads can meet the needs of small workstations, in short supply, grab is to make money.

AMD Rayon 9 5900X: the second strong invincible processor, and AMD Rayon 9 5950X as out of stock, grab is to earn.

AMD Rayon 7 5800X: Compared to AMD Rayon 9 5900X and AMD Rayon 9 5950X, it is uniquely positioned. The first 8 cores and 16 threads belong to the mainstream range of the high-end market. Many users do not pursue the multi-core performance of Ryolong 9 5950X or Ryolong 9 5900X, or the budget is not enough, so Ryolong 7 5800X can just meet the needs, and two Ryolong 9 is not easy to grab. At the same time, Rayon 7 5800X is a complete CCD core, which is more complete than AMD Rayon 9 5900X. There are no cache delays, and some games even play better.

AMD rayon 5 5600X: Ryzen 5 5600X was the most unpopular processor in the public before it was released, because its price of 2199 yuan was close to the ryzen 7 3700X with 8 cores and 16 threads, while Ryzen 5 5600X only had 6 cores and 12 threads. As a result, who could have imagined that what made this processor really fragrant was its single-core gaming performance. Surpassing the Core i7 and even coming close to the Core i9, this makes the Ryzen 5 5600X much more valuable and worth considering for gamers with small budgets.

AMD rayon 5 3600XT: 3000XT flash in the middle of the year, AMD Rayon 5 3600XT is also unfavorable, the user of this processor is to fill the price gap of AMD, the user demand for this processor is small, after the launch of the Rayon 5000 is now basically bid farewell to the market.

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