New CPU performance ranking ladder chart

Many white began to buy a computer do not understand the computer configuration of those, to the computer city was a brainwashing, this article on the core components of the computer for a brief introduction, so that we have a further understanding.

CPU, the processor, the simple understanding is to process information, all information of computer operation through the CPU processing, such as use the mouse to click on the button in the game, keyboard input a letter, go through the CPU, the processing of all resources in a computer by a CPU scheduling command, it is similar to the human brain, is the most core electronic computer accessories. Generally speaking, the performance of a computer is good, the speed is fast, mainly to see the CPU.

CPU currently in the consumer market is mainly AMD and Inte two, today to bring you the latest version of THE 2022 CPU performance ladder, mainly compared with various levels of AMD and Intel CPU processors, through the comparison of hope to provide you with more reference value:

New CPU performance ranking ladder chart

CPU Performance ladder April 2022 latest edition

But CPU performance is only one aspect, in addition to performance, compatibility and price also need to consider the problem, we also need to see cost-effective and compatibility is not strong.

Above is the CPU performance ladder chart of the latest edition of all content, I hope to help friends.

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