CPU price reduction SSD stop decline memory is about to start to increase

This week because the summer vacation has begun two weeks, many users have been in succession to prepare for school and even ready to start the rhythm of equipment, notebook market prices are going down, the official arrival of the summer, DIY market core hardware has not small decline, a change in the middle of last month.

01 The CPU price drops

The price of CPU has been rising for two weeks in a row, and now the price has finally come down a bit. At present, the exchange rate of the US dollar and the inventory have become stable. Generally speaking, there is a good opportunity to get the CPU.

And the motherboard also immediately reduced the price, perhaps received the increase of the CPU in the last few weeks, leading to the unsaleable motherboard, now taking advantage of the CPU price reduction, many CPU+ motherboard preferential package also went online.

02 The price of SSD solid state began to rise

Since the beginning of last year, SSD SSD and memory prices have been falling, and now they are expected to start to rise in the middle of this month. Due to the increasing demand of mobile phones and laptops, especially the concentrated release of mobile phones in August and September, which leads to the shortage of storage particles, SSD price increase is inevitable.

In terms of memory, memory as the "hard currency" of DIY industry, the retention rate has been strong, and there is a trend of rising prices in the future. At present, it is more appropriate to upgrade SSD and memory storage accessories.

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