CES 2022:Intel unveils 22 cpus All 12 generations

On the eve of CES 2022, Intel released 22 CPU processors in the early morning press conference this morning. Together with the 6 previously released cpus, the whole 12 generations of cpus have been replenished. There are 28 models in total, with the price distribution ranging from several hundred to more than 4000 yuan.

There are three I9 cpus released, namely 12900, 12900F, 12900T; The three I7 models are 12700, 12700F and 12700T respectively; The 7 I5 models are 12600, 12600T, 12500, 12500T, 12400, 12400F and 12400T respectively; The five I3 models are 12300, 12300T, 12100, 12100F and 12100T respectively.

And two Pentiums and two Celerons, the G7400 and G7400T, and the G6900 and G6900T, respectively.

In this press conference, the most attention is the I5 three models, I5 12400 series minimum $167, the bank price should be more than 1200, with the latest H, B entry level 6000 motherboard, as well as DDR 4 generations of memory, 12 generations of I5 motherboard +CPU platform finally pressed to 2000 yuan below!

The latest processor in the I9 family, the I9-12900, improves content creation by up to 55% and game performance by up to 21% over the previous I9-11900.

The heat sink is basically the same as the one exposed before. Intel has endowed the LED light set in the heat sink of the boxed CPU for the first time.

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