What does CPU virtualization do

At present, Intel and AMD's mainstream CPU support virtualization technology, and with the motherboard BIOS has its own function to open virtualization technology, but the motherboard factory default to disable virtualization technology, if we need to use CPU virtualization technology, then need to open in the motherboard, then how to open virtualization technology CPU? The following IT encyclopedia to share the specific open method.

What does CPU virtualization doWhat does CPU virtualization do?

CPU virtualization technology is very useful, such as in the Win10 system run based on WinXP or Win7 development of the application, the program can run normally, there will not be incompatible (except some of the program itself compatibility problems). Generally, there are two kinds of software virtual and hardware virtual. Software virtual has low efficiency and large resource consumption, while hardware virtual can greatly improve efficiency and speed up the running of programs.

In addition, virtual machines are the same, but the virtual machine consumption of system resources is terrible, but with hardware-level VT technology, it is also easy to deploy virtual machines.

How do I enable virtualization technology for the CPU?

After the computer was turned on, we quickly and repeatedly pressed the "DEL" key to enter the BIOS interface of the main board. Since the BIOS of each main board is different, we found an option similar to Virtual or Virtualization in THE BIOS Settings and set it to Enabled. Press F10 to save BIOS Settings and restart your computer.

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