German retailer shares Sales data for June 2022 AMD Ryzen CPUS continue to lead the pack

Ingebor just posted a recent survey of the consumer processor market shared by German tech retailer Mindfactory on Reddit, which shows that while Intel's Alder Lake cpus are gaining more international market share, AMD's Ryzen processors continued to perform quite strongly locally last month.

In the past few weeks, there have been reports of a general decline in the PC market due to rising inflation, and forecasts for continued weakness in both AMD and Intel desktops in the coming quarter.

But in Germany, the DIY PC segment, AMD's Ryzen CPU base continues to outsell Intel's current Alder Lake platform.

In terms of sales, Mindfactory sold 63 percent of AMD / 37 percent of Intel processors in June -- ryzen sold more than 7,500 and Intel generation 12 cpus nearly 5,000 units.

Among all AMD cpus sold, the most popular SKUs are the R5-5600X, R7 5800X, and R9-5950X. Meanwhile, the R9-5900X is more popular than the R5-5600G / 5500, with the two-year-old Zen 3 CPU price dropping significantly.

German retailer shares Sales data for June 2022 AMD Ryzen CPUS continue to lead the packOn the other hand, Intel's 12-generation Alder Lake line has become the company's sales force, with popular models i7-12700K, I5-12400F, and I5-12600K.

AMD processors accounted for 61% (over 2.5 million euros) of Mindfactory's revenue, while Intel processors accounted for 39% (just over 1 million euros).

Mindfactory's top three selling CPU SKUs are the R5-5600X (€435,000), R7-5800X (€416,000) and R9-5900X (€391,000).

But both companies have been aggressively cutting CPU prices recently, with Intel even taking a 5% discount on some Alder Lake processors this month -- expect more interesting performance in the DIY PC market next month.

In terms of CPU families, Intel's 12-generation Alder Lake and AMD's 5000 series (Vermeer/Ryzen cpus) accounted for 75% and 83% of their sales, respectively.

However, the AMD Ryron Thread Ripper/Intel Core X HDET line-up has been negligible since they haven't been updated in over 2 years, causing enthusiasts to lose interest in them.

Even so, AMD is interested in putting Threadripper's 5000WX professional workstation product offline in the DIY space. It's just that fans will pay a higher price than the traditional HEDT line.

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