Welding and process of titanium and titanium alloy welded titanium tubes

Titanium Tubing welding is a TiG welding process that protects the welding zone with inert argon gas. Because titanium has special physical and chemical properties, its welding process is extremely different from that of other metals.

When welding titanium pipes, ensure that:

(1) The metal in the welding area is not polluted by active gas N, 0, H and harmful impurity elements C, Fe, Mn above 250℃.

(2) Can not form coarse crystal structure.

(3) Welding residual stress and deformation can not be generated. Therefore, the welding process must be in accordance with the predetermined construction sequence, strictly according to the process quality management standards, the implementation of the whole process of quality control. The factors of man, machine, material and method are under excellent control, so as to ensure the welding quality of titanium tube within a reasonable time limit.

Titanium pipe welding materials, equipment and tools.

Titanium pipes and fittings: should have the manufacturer's certificate of delivery and quality certificate. After inspection, its specifications, chemical composition, mechanical properties and supply status should meet the requirements of DIN17850 standard.

Titanium pipe welding material

Titanium welding wire; ​the welding wire is ERTI-2, the selection of welding wire should meet the following requirements:

(1) The chemical composition and mechanical properties of the welding wire should be equivalent to that of the base metal;

(2) If the weldment requires extreme plasticity, the purity of the welding wire should be higher than the base metal.

Welding wire before use to conduct material inspection, check the factory certificate and quality certificate; ​the surface of the welding wire should be flawless, no oxidation color, no cracks, peeling, spot scars and slag and other defects. The chemical composition of the welding wire shall comply with the relevant provisions of AWS A5.16-70.

Argon: Pure argon, Grade I industrial, not less than 99.98% pure, water content less than 50Mg/m3.

Argon before use, check the factory certificate on the bottle body to verify the purity index of argon, and then check the bottle valve for leakage or failure symptoms.

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