The new generation of CPU frequency target will hit 6GHz

In CPU performance, frequency is undoubtedly one of the most important indicators.

From the current frequency of the main manufacturer, Intel 12 generation Core CPU frequency has exceeded 5.2GHz. AMD's Zen4 architecture, the Ryzen 7000, also has a high frequency. Now official data has confirmed the 16-core acceleration to 5.5ghz, and sources say that the internal fuse frequency is actually 5.85ghz, which is very close to 6GHz.

In the desktop CPU space, Intel is facing competition not only from its old rival AMD, but also from giants like Apple and Qualcomm. To further improve CPU performance and strengthen its position, Intel also appears to have made a heavy investment.

The new generation of CPU frequency target will hit 6GHzAccording to fast technology, Intel mass produced the Intel7 process on the 12th generation core Alder Lake last year. This year's 13th generation core Rpator Lake will continue to use the Intel7 process. In the second half of this year, Intel will mass produce the Intel4 process, which is Intel's first EUV process. Will debut next year on 14 Core Meteor Lake.

At the VLSI conference, Intel unveiled some details of its first EUV process, with a high performance library of double density, 16+2 metal layers, and compatibility with Intel's EMIB and Foveros packaging technologies.

As for performance, Intel also gave specific indicators, with the same ISO power consumption, Intel 4 compared to the current Intel 7 process 20% higher frequency.

This also means that the 14 Generation Core will be able to reach 6GHz without changing power consumption.

Will Intel or AMD be the first to hit 6GHz?

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