A summary of the best cpus to buy from 500 to 5000

12 generation of Intel Core on the market, AMD sharp dragon series comprehensive price reduction, who is currently more worthy of the CPU? Let's take stock.

01 500 yuan

If it is not for special purposes, such as what soft routing, NAS, generally speaking, if the CPU of a computer is less than 500 yuan, then basically there is no way to ensure the normal smooth operation, even if you can barely install it now can barely use, but there should be no one's computer just want to use a year, By this time next year, software updates and the increasing number of applications on your computer will inevitably lead to sluggage, so you'll have to consider a $500 or more processor at a minimum.


At this price, the most worthwhile purchase is the Intel Core I3-10105F, click the following link to see some details of this U, I just mention one point, 4 core 8 threads, 3.7-4.4ghz main frequency, which has exceeded the specifications of the I7 a few years ago, performance must be guaranteed, although the price is very high now, But if you choose motherboard set, motherboard and CPU together to buy a total of only 800-1000 yuan, or you can also wait for the promotional price, the lowest can be about 500, so get more cost-effective.

However, it should be noted that the F tail logo is not with the core display, so it must be used with the unique display. If you want the core display, you must choose I3-10105, the price difference is not too much, remember to buy according to your own needs.

Why must buy: 500 "i7" processor, kill crazy.

Must Buy value (out of 5 stars) : ★★★★

Must buy: Intel Core I3-10105F

Sibling, Intel Core I3-10105 with core display

I3 10105F (non-core display)

1000 yuan.

1000 yuan processor even if the entry, many online and PC games can be easily carried, adhere to the use of three or five years is not a problem, this price can choose a mid-end CPU, AMD Rayon 5 3600 performance is good, 6 core 12 threads, 7nm Zen2 architecture, 3.6-4.2ghz main frequency, It is not the latest Zen3 architecture, but the performance is perfectly fine, and the price is as low as 979 yuan. You can also buy it with the motherboard set, which is expected to be less than 1500 yuan.

AMD Rayon 5 3600

It should be noted that this CPU also has no core display, which needs to be used with a unique display.

Must buy reason: 1000 yuan 6 core 12 lines, game productivity has.

Must Buy value (out of 5 stars) : ★★★

Must buy direct train: AMD Sharp dragon 5 3600

03 1500 yuan

Processor 1500 yuan has been able to provide very good performance, the selection of AMD sharp dragon 7 3700 x can already get the 8-core 16 of the specifications of the thread, although architecture and old generation, single core performance almost, but more than two nuclei is twenty percent more productive forces, whether rendering video or make operation, core number is far more important than single frequency, This CPU low promotion when take a motherboard to sell a suit as long as probably less than 1800 yuan can be taken, do productivity can consider this one.

>>>3700X purchase entry

If you play games with unique use, the first choice of Intel Core I5-11600KF, 6 core 12 threads, single-core ability is strong, when the promotion is less than 1500 yuan, it is worth starting, playing the game is very easy to use.

>> I5-11600KF purchase entry

A summary of the best cpus to buy from 500 to 5000

But according to the video card market situation now, I guess most people still don't willing to part with or use to buy a video card, then the candidate has been important nuclear show, AMD sharp dragon 5 5600 g with 7 nm nuclear show a very strong, in the case of not carrying showing, performance can be very good, general online games and personal productivity can easily meet the demand, The price is also more cost-effective, 6 core 12 thread specifications with a strong core low price less than 1400 yuan, suitable for installing a small host.

AMD Rayon 5 5600G

Must buy reason: with a strong nuclear display, to deal with the current alone can not afford the situation.

Must Buy value (out of 5 stars) : ★★★

AMD rayon 5 5600G

04, 2000 yuan

2000 yuan processor has entered the high-end threshold, the first must be Intel Core I5-12600KF, removed the core cost-effective more prominent, the price is only 2099, just released a week ago, the size of the core mixed architecture, 10 cores 16 threads, performance directly before the i7 processor are seconds, playing games is super, It also supports DDR5 memory and pCI-E 5.0 technology, which has not yet been officially used in consumer products. As long as you can afford the Z690 motherboard and DDR5 memory, this CPU has no competition at this price point.

>>> I5-12600KF for the Seckill 7 series

The I5-12600KF of the Seckill 7 series

Of course, some people will feel that Z690 motherboard, DDR5 memory is too expensive to afford, that in fact, there is another option, AMD Ryelong 7 5800X, AMD's current flagship level of processor products, in the 12 generation core released after the moment to a "dive", the price directly cut to 2399 yuan, superposition discount can also get lower, Tie-in X570 or B550 motherboard are still relatively cheap, DDR4 memory has recently diving price, if it is now immediately crowded machine, choose this can also, but I think there is no need to worry about it, such as a couple of months perhaps Intel B660 series motherboard will come.

>>>AMD Rayon 7 5800X processor

05, 3000 yuan

3000 price CPU has no problem is high-end host can be equipped with, and 2000 price, give you two options, classification is a little different, playing the game first Intel Core I7-12700KF, price stable pressure on 3000 yuan line, 12 core 20 threads, equivalent to 8 core 16 threads of performance core (large core), As well as the 4 core energy efficiency core (small core), thanks to the unparalleled single-thread ability of this generation of processors, the performance of this processor in games, especially e-sports games will be particularly good, of course, so many cores, the comprehensive ability will not be bad.

>>> High-end game platform must choose Core I7-12700KF

Flagship game CPU I7-12700KF

Another option is AMD Rayon 9 5900X, 12 cores 24 threads, the price is about 3400 yuan, slightly expensive, but the comprehensive ability is very strong, the game performance is not so eye-catching, if you use rayon to play the game is really not as good as saving 1000 dollars to choose 5800X, if you want to do more core processing content creation, or more suitable. Another advantage is that the motherboard and memory are cheaper than the new DDR5 series.

>>> Multi-core performance explosion needs comprehensive performance, choose raylong 9 5900X

12-core, 24-wire Ryzen 9 5900X

06 4000 +

At the price of 4000 yuan to 5000 yuan, there are basically few products, in addition to the high performance platform between server processor and consumer processor that you may occasionally pay attention to before, there are only a few consumer flagship, i9-12900K is priced at 4999 yuan, with 16 cores and 24 threads, Intel is the new release of the 12th generation of core processor among the outstanding, should also be the strongest game processor, if it is a game host, budget more than 20,000, please no brain to choose this processor, he will give you a very comfortable game experience.

>>> Probably the most powerful game processor currently available, i9-12900K

>>> same i9-12900KF except no kernel display

Probably the most powerful game processor currently available i9-12900KF

The AMD 9 5950X has 16 cores, 32 threads, and 7nm Zen3 architecture. The overall performance of the AMD 9 5950X is relatively strong, although it is outperformed by the I9-12900K in some score items. But in general, AMD rayon 9 5950X comprehensive ability or slightly stronger line, the price has now come to 4999 yuan, how to choose, you decide it.

>>> 16-core 32-wire overall performance is slightly better than the first-line Ryzen 9 5950X

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