This year the game fits the CPU of choice

This year's new game, the performance of the graphics card is basically the same as last year, but the CPU performance is greatly improved, especially the Intel 12th generation core processor, replaced by the "large and small core architecture", whether it is single-core or multi-core are much stronger.

However, according to our experience in reviewing the 11th generation Core last year, i7-11800H is strong enough to play games. The bottleneck of the game is mainly the graphics card. If the graphics card is "toothpaste", the game experience is difficult to be significantly improved.

So how do we choose a new game book based on the current situation?

Today we will make a brief analysis:

Lenovo Rescuer Y9000P 2022

On the left side of the fuselage

The right side of the fuselage

The back of the fuselage

Its configuration is as follows:

I5-12500 - h processor

RTX3060 6GB independent graphics card (140W)

4800 MHZ 16 gb of memory


16.1-inch 2560 x 1600 resolution 100%sRGB color gamut 165Hz refresh rate IPS screen

Battery capacity 80Wh

19.9 ~ 26.2 mm thick

The fuselage weighs 2.53 kg

The adapter weighs 1046G

The current price is 8,699 yuan

Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


This year the game fits the CPU of choice

1. Performance release is good

2. Excellent surface temperature control

3, the number of ports, support 135W USB-C charging


1. Poor memory performance

2, the adapter is large in size and generally portable

3, the endurance time is short

[Upgrade Suggestions]

This laptop is moderately difficult to disassemble. After removing the bottom screws, it is necessary to pry open the side air outlet grille, where the latch is tight and requires certain skills before opening the back cover.

The 2 x 8GB DDR5 4800MHz memory module meets most requirements. You can replace the memory module if necessary.

The SSD capacity of the test machine is 512GB, the model is meguiar 3400, support pci 4.0×4 and NVMe, can be installed or replaced if necessary.

[Purchase suggestions]

1. High performance release requirements

2. High requirements on interface expansibility

3. Low requirements for portability

Lenovo rescuer Y9000P is the biggest feature of performance release, with the configuration of the game in the forefront.

In terms of screen, its measured gamut volume is 105%sRGB, gamut coverage is 98.3%sRGB, average δ E is 0.66, maximum δ E is 3.44.

In terms of interface, the left side of the body is the Lightning 4 and USB3.2 Gen2 Type-c interface (supporting DP1.4).

The USB3.2 Gen1 Type-A port and 3.5mm headset port are on the right side of the body.

At the back of the device are RJ45 ports, full-featured Type-C(135W charging and up to 100W standard PD charging), HDMI2.1, two USB3.2GEN1 Type-A ports, and power ports.

In terms of battery life, the PCmark10 scored 3 hours and 20 minutes in hybrid mode and 6 hours and 17 minutes in iGPU mode.

Lenovo's official PCmark10 battery life test results are all around 6 hours (the hybrid mode is not much shorter than the iGPU mode), the data can be cross-referenced.

[Note] The measured data are i7 version and are for reference only.

In terms of noise, it has a full load decibel value of 55.2dB and a strong cold value of 60.4dB.

Lenovo rescuer Y9000P i5 edition daily sell 8999 yuan, now back to 8699 yuan, compared with the I7 version of 800 yuan difference.

So if you like the well-rounded RTX3060, the i5 is a lot cheaper and doesn't compromise on performance.

However, if you need specialized CPU performance (such as rendering), the better i7 version is recommended.

Lenovo rescuer Y9000P disassembly, 5 heat pipe double fan combination, there is a heat pipe hidden in the graphics card side below. Overall heat dissipation layout compared with the previous generation has fine tuning.

Room temperature 25 ℃

Reflectivity of 1.0

BIOS version: J2CN32WW

[Note] The measured data are i7 version and are for reference only.

In full load mode, beast mode is enabled. The CPU temperature reaches 99 ° C and stabilizes around 80 ° C. Power consumption is 45W.

Graphics card power consumption 130W, temperature 80℃, frequency 1897MHz.

After you manually enable the strong cooling function, the CPU power consumption stays the same and the graphics card power consumption stays the same and the temperature drops to 74 ° C.

Running Stress FPU, CPU power consumption 111W, temperature 97℃. P core 3.9GHz, E core 2.9~3.0GHz.

Single-roasted Furmark, graphics card power consumption 140W, temperature 81.4℃, frequency 1905MHz.

The surface temperature is shown in the figure above. The highest temperature of keyboard keys is 40.4℃ at F2, 33.3℃ near WASD and 35.9℃ for direction keys. The temperature of the left wrist tray was 24.9℃.

Overall, Lenovo Rescuer Y9000P 2022's heat dissipation performance is good, the performance release is good, while the temperature is also controlled very low.

For this year's game market, I recommend buying ideas in three steps:

The first step is to determine if you are purely playing the game

If you're buying a laptop primarily to play games, and your day job is basic work like web video plus Office apps, then you should go for graphics.

Step two, determine if you can handle old inventory

If you're buying digital and you're in the "buy new, don't buy old" mindset, then you should pay attention to the new core 12 and AMD 6000 series, otherwise you could have bought the Core 11 and 5000 series last year.

Step three: Decide if you can wait

According to the graphics card update cycle, no accident, at the beginning of next year will be able to see the RTX40 series graphics card, performance is certainly stronger than this year's RTX3060, 70Ti, squeeze probability is relatively small.

To sum up, if you [pure play games, can accept the old inventory, wait until next year], that last year's RTX3060 game cost better, choose 11 generation Core or 5000 series Rayon CPU on the line.

But if you do not accept the old stock, then I recommend you to buy a 12 generation i5 game book, or AMD can also (but the choice is limited for now), CPU is not too strong, performance is enough.

If you have professional needs, THEN I recommend you buy the new 12 generation Core game and stick to your work needs. After all, making money is more important than having fun.

If you [can wait for next year], then I recommend you to do a "wait party", next year graphics card update, for the game performance will certainly have a big improvement, bought this year graphics card, next year will have to "downshift", this feeling is bound to be uncomfortable.

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