AMD's new CPU exposure: increased power consumption

According to iris, AMD will release at least three 65W TPD processors this month, including R5 5500, R5 5600, and R7 5700X.

12 generation Core pressure to give enough! AMD's new CPU exposure: increased power consumption, released this month
R5 5500 standard Intel Core I3-12100, R5 5600 standard I5-12400, R7 5700X standard I5-12600K, the front two chips are 6 core, the third is 8 core 16 threads, but AMD will control its TPD power consumption within 65W, it seems that the energy ratio is very strong.

Since the beginning of the Rayon series, AMD sounded the horn of the counterattack Intel, constantly encroached on the other side of the market. Faced with AMD's looming threat, Intel made a bold decision to replace its CEO. Kissinger took office three times, 12 generation of core performance is really very strong, reversing the adverse situation.

AMD's new CPU exposure: increased power consumption

At the same time, the 12 generation Core and Intel's first generation of ddr5-supported consumer cpus, these factors are forcing AMD to respond quickly. AMD has also released its Ryzen 6000 series of processors, but only for mobile, with desktop expected in the second half of this year. The problem is that the Ryzen 6000 series doesn't have a replacement port or DDR5 support, and the 13th Generation core will be released later this year.

Perhaps it is with these concerns in mind that AMD is now introducing a new ryzen 5000 series CPU. However, from the naming point of view, the R5 5500 and R5 5600 are positioned lower than the released R5 5600X, and the R7 5700X is certainly not better than the R7 5800X, and I am afraid that it is difficult to undertake the task of fighting against the twelfth generation Core.

But the above is just performance, there is no poor performance CPU, only the price of the CPU is not right. 12 generation Of Core is so good, another reason is that the price is very cheap, H600 series motherboard online, more highlights the high cost performance.

AMD's best bet now is to lure customers with a price war that will undercut Intel's products. In previous years, THE price performance of AMD has been higher than that of Intel. It can only be said that this new CPU has the ability to understand AMD's advantages and give up higher profits to benefit consumers and improve product sales.

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