What CPU is worth buying right now

022 has passed the half of the current what is worth buying CPU, now the best cost-effective CPU is Intel 12 generation Core CPU. Why is that?

Because the performance of the 12th generation CPU has been greatly improved, and the price of the 12th generation CPU has been reduced a lot, and the price has returned to the normal price in previous years. Buy new, not old electronics, that's why I recommend 12 generation CPUS.

If you support playing games incidentally do PR, PS, I5-12400 this CPU cost performance is really very high, the price of scattered pieces more than 1000, scattered pieces is also 3 years of warranty.

What CPU is worth buying right now

The i3-12100 can also drive a 3080 graphics card, but the CPU usage is too high. I5-12400 is a good choice. The i5-12600 is the core CPU demarcation line. Cost performance is much lower, 600+ starting price difference, in addition to the frequency of a little bit of other there is no difference.

If you want to go to high performance CPU, start from 12600K, this model has the distinction of large and small core, they are not the same product. To sum up, play more games, and the pursuit of the ultimate cost performance. Then choose i5-12400.

Intel, now AMD.

AMD's new Ryzen 5500 and 5600 4500 and 4100 look like they're just pouring toothpaste to keep CPU prices down. The best cost-effective product is 5600X.

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