Loongson, Mega Core latest CPU performance test

Although there are 6 big domestic CPU, but in fact the most typical representative or dragon core, Megabyte core.

Loongson, which has the highest degree of autonomy, fully switched to its own LoongArch architecture last year, with its own instruction set LoongArch and loongson 3A/3C5000 series processors.

Megabyte is also attracting attention because it is X86 architecture and can install Windows.

At present, loongson's latest processor is 3A/3C5000 series, using 12nm process. And the newest Megabyte core should be U6780A processor, using 16nm process, so these two CPU compared with Intel, how far, can be used in daily life and office?

First 3A/C5000 series, 3C5000 series is the server chip, not to talk about here, only talk about 3A5000, the main frequency is 2.3GHZ-2.5ghz, 4 core design, 12nm process.

Using UnixBench, loongson 3A5000 has a single-core score of 1772 and a multi-core score of 4453 in Linux system.

Loongson, Mega Core latest CPU performance test

How about this score? In fact, it's not too far behind Intel's low-voltage i5 1135G7 in multi-core, since the i5 1135G7 comes with a single-core 2487 and a multi-core 4607, the mid-range chip Intel will launch in 2020.

Given the gap between the low-voltage version and the standard version, loongson's performance is about the same as the i7-7700K processor (Intel launched in 2017), so the loongson should theoretically be about five years behind Intel. But this chip is fine for things like laptops, office work, but not for big games.

The new kx-u6780a processor, 8-core, 2.7GHz, 8MB cache, 16nm process.

The SINGLE-core KX-U6780A is similar to Intel's desktop-class I3-2100 CPU, a 32nm quad-core CPU introduced by Intel in 2011. However, it is stronger than the low-voltage (notebook) version of the I7-5500U, which was launched in 2015, so the gap between Megabyte and Intel is about 7-10 years.

Visible, if from the performance point of view, the dragon core seems to be stronger than the mega core so a drop, perhaps because the dragon core is already used is 12nm, and the mega core is still 16nm, the process of performance improvement is still very obvious.

In addition, from the use of the scene, the gap between the two and Intel is still very big, the gap of 5 years should be some, but to deal with the daily office is not a big problem, entertainment is almost, especially in the game, may not be too good. In addition, Loongson cannot install Windows, while Megabytes can install Windows, which is an advantage of megabytes.

Generally speaking, whether it is Loongson or Mega Core, the gap with Intel is still very far, can only be a small range, specific scenarios for partial replacement, so we still need to continue efforts, can not be proud.

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